Guide for a Trusted Call Experience

Now more than ever, phone calls keep us connected in our professional and personal lives. But consumers are wary of robocalls, regulators are putting tougher rules and standards in place, and enterprises can no longer reach their customers by phone.

CSPs are faced with the responsibility of empowering enterprises to succeed, protecting the health and safety of the public‒and transforming the phone experience.

Our industry experts developed a three-pronged approach to help you:

  • Meet Regulatory Compliance
  • Empower Enterprises
  • Protect Consumers
man speaking on phone

Meet Regulatory Compliance

Adoption of STIR/SHAKEN and robocall mitigation programs are well underway but tight timelines, coupled with changing regulations and standards make it difficult to keep up. Stay up to date with the latest requirements and standards so you’ll be fully compliant.

Effectively Participate in Call Authentication

Make sure you stay up-to-date with the latest standards and requirements, have everything in place to protect from illegal robocalls, sign calls and manage STIR/SHAKEN end-to-end.

  • Validate: Vet legitimacy of caller entity and prove TN ownership
  • Certify: Obtain digital certificates to sign calls
  • Authenticate: Deploy STIR/SHAKEN to industry standards
  • Prevent: Stop illegal robocalls and scam calls
  • Test: Verify effectiveness of STIR/SHAKEN deployment in a virtual lab environment

Our Solutions

Prevent Illegal Robocalls

With Robocall Mitigation, utilize advanced call analytics, fraud modeling, and numbering expertise to identify or stop illegal calls originating on your network. In addition, you can identify suspected robocalls and apply policies to protect your subscribers.

Restore Trust in Caller ID

With Certified Caller, quickly and easily deploy all components of STIR/SHAKEN compliant with the latest developments in call authentication.

Obtain Digital Certificates

With Certificate Manager, obtain standards-compliant SHAKEN digital certificates, from a nationally approved Certification Authority (STI-CA) and a standards leader, to sign calls.

Test Your STIR/SHAKEN Implementation

Validate the effectiveness of your STIR/SHAKEN deployment in the ATIS Robocalling Testbed, exclusively hosted by the Neustar Trust Lab.