Meet the Experts

With decades of practical experience in the communications industry, Neustar experts are well-versed in telephony protocols and operations.

Mick Moss

Mick Moss is Senior Product Manager at Neustar. Mick has extensive knowledge in subscriber data management (SDM) HLR network platforms and the design and implementation of trusted name identification for enterprises.

Bart Pesavento

Bart Pesavento is Director of Product Marketing at Neustar. He has a proven track record studying, developing, and launching innovative networking, cloud computing, and cyber security solutions for enterprises around the world.

Jon Peterson

Jon Peterson is a Neustar Fellow and resident expert on security and network routing. Jon has deep expertise in both traditional telephony protocols and Internet technology. He is a co-writer of STIR standards and co-contributor to the SHAKEN framework.

Jonjie Sena

Jonjie Sena is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Neustar. He has over two decades of experience leading marketing, product, and technology teams to launch solutions focused on identity, analytics, and OSS/BSS. He holds five patents in the area of personalized and authenticated mobile communications.

Gaurav Sharma

Gaurav Sharma is Director of Systems and Solutions Engineering at Neustar. Guarav is an experienced IT pro, specializing in wireline and wireless networks, regulatory data sources, interoperability and protocol compliance, and next gen real-time communications.

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