Trusted Call Journey

Seven Steps to Combat Call Blocking - and Get Calls Answered

Robocalls and scams have destroyed trust in calls and business calls are not being answered. To help protect consumers, Congress has mandated that all voice carriers meet new regulatory requirements, including STIR/SHAKEN by June 2021. But one result of those regulations is that calls may be wrongly blocked or tagged as spam, making it even harder to get consumers to answer legitimate calls.

Neustar’s industry experts have developed a seven-step journey to determine an organization’s status in delivering trusted calls to the consumer. Follow our approach to increase contact rates and improve your customers’ call experience.

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Step 1


Validate Identity Across the Call Environment

Improving your outbound calling results, while protecting your customers and your business, starts with verifying the legitimacy of your organization, business purpose, calling behavior and ownership of telephone numbers. Most businesses use numerous telephone numbers, that they source from multiple voice service providers, to make outbound calls. You need to be seen as the legitimate call originator for all your numbers – across the entire call environment of voice service providers, call analytics programs, and mobile applications – otherwise your calls may be wrongly blocked or tagged as SPAM.

Prove Your Caller Identity

To be seen as a legitimate call originator:

  • Validate your business details, inventory of telephone numbers and caller data
  • Manage, monitor and update this information across the calling environment
  • Remediate any errors in identity for your numbers across the calling environment

Our solution: Get control with Caller Identity Resolution

With Vetting Services verify, monitor and update your entity, business purpose, intent of calls, and ownership of telephone numbers across the entire calling environment so you’ll always be recognized as a legitimate call originator for the numbers you call from. And more importantly – your customers can safely answer your calls.

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Step 2


Connect with Confidence

Most outbound dials fail to successfully connect with the consumer. Sometimes this is because the phone number on file is incorrect or rarely used by the consumer. At other times, the call is placed at a time the consumer is unlikely to answer their phone.

Achieve Higher Right-Party Contact Rates

Leveraging predictive phone behavior intelligence allows you to:

  • Correct and append incorrect or incomplete CRM records
  • Understand which phone number is most likely to be answered
  • Know what time-of-day and day-of-week each consumer is most likely to answer their phone
  • Prioritize which numbers to dial to maximize operational efficiency
  • Mitigate the risk of TCPA non-compliance

Our solution: Improve RPC Rates with Phone Behavior Intelligence

Phone Behavior Intelligence dramatically improves outbound efficiency and effectiveness by indicating the contactability and best time and number to reach each individual consumer. This improves right-party contact rates for outbound dials by an average of 33%.

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Step 3


Enable an Accurate Call Display

Business phone numbers often display inconsistent, inaccurate, or even blank caller ID names due to variations in telephone number data across internal systems and processes. But, when customers aren’t sure who’s calling, they aren’t likely to answer the phone.

Display Names and Numbers Accurately

Managing the way your brand is displayed on outbound calls is critical to increasing consumer confidence in who is calling. It’s important that you:

  • Ensure the correct calling number is displayed
  • Verify which names are assigned to each telephone number
  • Measure the performance of caller names and adjust for greater answer rates

Our solution: Get your calls answered with Caller Name Optimization

CNO provides a way to have a consistent caller display across 850+ voice service providers and the leading caller ID apps. This is critical to increasing consumer confidence in who is calling and making the decision to answer.

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Step 4


Ensure Calls Get Through

Robocall analytics solutions compute a real-time fraud score for each call by considering calling patterns, volume, frequency, crowd-sourced feedback, and other factors. An unintended consequence is that legitimate business calls are being wrongly blocked or tagged as spam by service providers. Often, businesses may not even realize their calls are being blocked or tagged until they receive negative feedback from their customers.

Make Sure Calls are Accurately Assessed as Legitimate

Step three on the journey to restoring trust includes:

  • Understanding your baseline call patterns to identify TNs wrongly blocked or tagged
  • Registering TNs across the caller ID ecosystem
  • Monitoring changes to the reputation of your registered TNs

Our solution: Prevent call blocking with Caller Name Optimization

With CNO, designate verified business numbers used for outbound calling across the call ecosystem of voice service providers and call management apps. This mitigates the risk of your legitimate calls being inadvertently blocked or tagged as spam.

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Step 5


Protect Brand from Abuse By Spoofers

Call spoofing is a serious issue for businesses. Spoofed calls that get through to consumers hurt brand reputation and destroy customer loyalty and trust. Monitoring the use of your brand across the caller ID ecosystem helps to protect your reputation, safeguard your customers, and minimize your risk of liability.

Take These Steps to Protect Your Brand

  • Designate inbound, outbound, and bi-directional telephone numbers
  • Register inbound only numbers as Do-Not-Originate
  • Monitor third-party TNs caller name registrations for similar caller names

Our solution: Stop caller ID spoofing with Caller Name Optimization

CNO provides a way to register inbound only numbers as Do-Not-Originate across 850+ voice service providers and caller ID apps through a centralized online portal. This mitigates the risk of your phone numbers being used by fraudsters to make scam calls.

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Step 6


Authenticate Caller Identity

New regulations like STIR/SHAKEN mandate call authentication standards that assess and authenticate caller identity via digital certificates. Businesses that don’t take action to influence how their outbound calls are assessed risk their calls being mistakenly marked as spam or blocked.

Make Sure Your Calls Get Answered

Take the following action to specify how your outbound calls are assessed through STIR/SHAKEN to make sure they’re not blocked or marked as spam:

  • Understand the impacts and limitations of STIR/SHAKEN standards
  • Verify your STIR/SHAKEN attestation levels
  • Integrate STIR/SHAKEN standards into your network and mobile apps and sign outbound calls, verify inbound calls, and secure end-to-end calls

Our solution: Take an active role in call authentication with Certified Caller

With Certified Caller authenticate your caller identity for outbound calls and digitally sign calls by integrating STIR/SHAKEN protocols in your enterprise calling networks. This provides a way to influence the level of trust your calls are assessed by voice service providers.

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Step 7


Enhance the Mobile Call Display

Customers expect highly personalized experiences across touchpoints and communication channels. Organizations can do this by leveraging the mobile screen to add context to each call by adding visual cues such as: logos, images, e-business cards, targeted messaging and more. This provides a personalized branded experience and gives customers a reason to answer the call and engage in the conversation.

Give Customers a Reason to Answer.

The more consumers feel they can trust an incoming call, the more likely they are to answer. Consider your device as valuable real estate to:

  • Leverage the mobile screen with logos, images, and business cards
  • Provide expanded name information, caller title, department, and location
  • Add call context with targeted message for a personalized brand experience
  • Display the call authentication / verification result

Our solution: Display more data so customers pick up with Branded Call Display

Leverage the valuable real estate of the smartphone screen to give users context and identity for every call and text. The rich multimedia custom display for both called and calling party provides additional identity attributes and context for a personalized calling experience.

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