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eLearning on the Latest Developments in Call Regulations, Authentication, and Caller Identity Display from Industry Experts

Whether you’re looking to instill a greater level of customer trust in your phone communications or to combat the epidemic of illegal caller ID spoofing and robocalls, our telephony experts are here to help you succeed. Select the tab below that best matches your business to start your e-learning journey. Learn more about the experts.

Something for Every Skill Level

Novices to experts can take advantage of Neustar’s unique position as a neutral entity to learn about topics like:

  • Why are there so many robocalls and how to stop them?
  • What is Caller Name Optimization?
  • What is STIR/SHAKEN and who is it for?
  • What is call delegation?
101: Getting Started

Why are there so many robocalls? (0:48)


What is Caller Name Optimization? (0:55)


Can I be sure my calls are getting through? (1:15)

201: Beyond the Fundamentals

What can be done to stop robocalls? (0:35)


What is STIR/SHAKEN? (0:49)


Who is STIR/SHAKEN for? (0:53)

301: Diving in Deeper

What is the future of STIR/SHAKEN? (0:41)


What is call delegation? (1:14)


Is STIR/SHAKEN needed outside the US? (0:47)